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Posted on: May 21 2017, 04:07 PM
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[she/her] Look like th
to sleep - perchance to dream

Dissent is rising amongst the Drakonrhedi. Their numbers are growing, and there are now enough hands that they can keep all the known villages in a fragile safety. It’s better than before, certainly, but with all the dragon riders present in a single location, their differences are becoming apparent. Some want to use their powers to protect all the villages. Others believe that it’s survival of the fittest, and that they were the ones who survived bonding with the dragons, so they should use their powers only to protect themselves and other dragon riders.

However, the Drakonrhedi have other things to focus on. Over the past month in Dawn, there has been a string of absolutely brutal mutilations of citizens, seemingly at random. There are whispers of a monster hunting the street--a new type of behemoth, hiding in the still-unexplored half-underwater lower reaches of the colony ship.

At the same time, it’s springtime on Altayr, meaning that the behemoths are extra feisty. They’re coming out of their winter hibernation, and they’re hungry.
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