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Posted on: May 21 2017, 03:16 PM
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[she/her] Look like th

These are the rules of TSPTD. If you do not understand one of them, please contact Opal and she will be more than happy to help you out!

(They may seem long, but I think you'll find that most of them are common sense.)
General Conduct
I. Respect everyone. Respect is a core tenant of TSPTD. Respect your staff, respect your fellow members, and respect the topics you're writing about.

II. Be reasonable. That means you should be friendly and resolve disputes in a mature fashion, no drama, no trolling. Also, be polite, and respect everyone. Seriously, just use common sense. We will enforce this rule. If you are having a dispute with another member, take it to PMs and contact Opal to help resolve your issue.

III. Swearing and cussing is allowed both in the cbox and in RP, but slurs will absolutely not be tolerated.

IV. Please try and type with correct spelling and grammar. We have some members with minor dyslexia, and it really helps them if you can do your best to type correctly! If you have a personal issue which prevents you from typing correctly, don't be afraid to notify staff. We don't need to know what it is, just that you've got a valid reason. In the cbox, typing can be more relaxed. If you have questions about spelling or grammar, we'd be happy to help.

V. Here at TSPTD, there are five claims/databases. Not all five have to be done for every character, and we expect members to fill out the appropriate ones, as they really help staff keep track of what's going on and they're not terribly difficult. If you have not done your claims within a week after your character is accepted, you will receive a PM to the account whose claims are unfinished and no new characters will be accepted from you until you've completed them.

VI. We hold activity checks in the middle of each month. You will have one week to respond to an activity check, or else your characters and threads will be archived, and any canon characters and positions you hold will be reopened. Additionally, you must have made at least one IC post in the two weeks before the activity check to be counted as active. If you are busy during an activity check, please tell the staff beforehand. If you join during an activity check, you are exempt from having to respond to it. Activity checks are also your time to voluntarily archive characters if you're no longer interested in playing them. If you miss an activity check and decide to join back in, just talk to the staff and we'll restore your characters! However, you may lose whatever canon positions you held beforehand.
IC Conduct
I. In roleplay, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus. You may not godmod or powerplay or metagame, etc. IC =/= OOC. IC actions have IC consequences. Talk to your partners.

II. Time is liquid, but you must know how things work out chronologically.

III. This is a 3-2-2 site. Please tag extreme content in the thread's description, as a courtesy to others.

IV. This is a literate advanced site. With that being said, there is no hard word minimum or maximum. However, be aware that our members' posts tend to fall between 300 and 800 words, and while post matching isn't required, it is expected that you give posts generally around the same length as your partner with enough for them to reply to. That's the really important part--as long as your partner can reply to your post, that's all that we care about.

V. Third person RP is preferred just to keep things the same across the entire site, but if you prefer first person, that's okay. Same thing for tense--past tense RP is preferred, present tense is allowed.

VI. Respect what you're writing about. Identities and disorders are not accessories, but neither should they be the sole personality trait of a character. Write people who happen to have a certain mental illness/physical disability/queer identity, not characters whose personalities are solely determined by their disorders or by a single identity. Intersectionality is important.
Character Creation
I. If you choose to play a character with a physical disability or mental disorder, you must PM Opal with a list of the character's disorders as well as the research you have done to properly depict them. This includes medical articles, overviews of the disorder, AND listening to youtube videos or reading articles by people with the disorder to hear their voices and understand their perspectives. Personal experience is also valued.

II. The above also applies to playing queer characters with non-cis gender identities, as here at TSPTD we want to ensure that the queer community is correctly and respectfully represented.

III. While you may have as many characters as you want, make no more than you can handle. All characters must be approved by a character bio staff member before they can be roleplayed.

IV. Register your character accounts as Firstname Lastname. Accounts can now be linked through a common email, so there should be no issue. If you would prefer, you may also have an OOC account.

V. Faceclaims are required. We use people faceclaims. Or whatever you call celebrities and such. Human beans. The exception is for artwork that you have either drawn or commissioned yourself. In the case of drawn faceclaims, we would prefer that you also have a human faceclaim that is used for avatars in order to keep the site uniform.

VI. Faceclaims and high positions/canons can be reserved. Reservations are active for one week, at which point if your application has not been finished, the reservation will be opened again. In order to extend your reservation period, please inform staff of how long you will be busy BEFORE the period of absence begins. If you complete your character before your reservation expires but have not completed your claims for a different character, staff will not accept your character and your reservation will be reopened.
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