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 Face Claims, all characters
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Posted on: May 23 2017, 06:29 PM
Played by Death · 19 years · Illuminati · Grandmother
[she/her] Look like th
face claims

Please reply with: CHARACTER NAME played by Face Claim Name

CEDRIC RUISHI played by Choi Seung-Hyun
ALEXEI CORRIGAN played by Vanessa Hudgens
VYKTORE DELAROCHE played by Lucky Blue Smith
SARAH DRAKE played by Emily Blunt
LONG MEI played by Chou Tzuyu
KAELAN NAISH played by Nick Heymann
SVETLANA KADNER played by Amra Cerkezovic
THEODORE MILDREW played by Benthe De Vries
BENJAMIN SOUTH played by Vito Basso
FINNIAN BRINELOW played by Frank Rossi
SCHWARZ played by Craig Olejnik
REYES AMBROSE played by Nathan Owens
ARTHUR GOLDEN played by David Gandy
DAEMEY ZELEALEM played by Nyakim Gatwech
LANCE TEMPLE played by Sean O'Pry
IVORY OSVALDO played by Troy Cannata
LUCIAN ATWOOD played by Lucas Gil
XINYI JUNJIE is played by Kim Myung-soo
TEAGAN CASSIDY played by Jason Momoa
EFFIE GERARD played by Ashley Madekwe

None currently.
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skin by luna @ caution/shine. code script by jawn @ back to neverland