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 The Lady Love, Complicated Enemy
Wardens · 12 Posts
Posted on: Dec 26 2017, 03:44 PM
Played by Set · 25 years · Drakonrhedi · Apprentice Warden
This Girl Is On Fire
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The Basics

Name: Up to you! In this want ad she’ll be referred to as Lady
Age: 23 or younger
Gender: Female
Personality: Open
Location: Dawn (to start)
Connected to: Effie and Cedric
Face Claim: Open!

The Story

Effie was incredibly close to her twin ward, both became Drakonrhedi in their early twenties with Effie leaning toward the Wardens and Ward showing great promise as a Stalker. In fact Ward was apprenticed to Cedric! At some point during those years as a Novice/Apprentice Ward started seeing a woman in Dawn. Unknown to Ward Lady was connected to a pretty rough crime ring/family and was using him for information. Being in love Ward shared all sorts of things he shouldn't have with her. Eventually his mentor Cedric realized what was happening and went to ‘deal with the problem’ Lady was causing…

Things went south. In the ensuing scuffle between the crime family and Cedric Ward died protecting Lady. Maybe it was true love or seeing him sacrifice himself or simply or simply realizing she was in a rather dangerous position… whatever it was Lady had a change of heart at her lovers death. She agreed to become an inside source for Cedric. She’d provide valuable inside information on the gangs in return for protection.

Of course, this meant Wards death had to be covered up.

His sister Effie knows none of this. Wards death hit her pretty hard. She only knows that her brother died in Dawn while visiting some woman...and no one seems willing or able to give her any real answers. Even Wards mentor Cedric is evasive as hell and unhelpful! Effie won’t rest until she’s uncovered what happened to her brother and made the people responsible pay… Lady is going to have to be pretty careful if she wants to help bring down the gangs AND keep her skin.

A plot for those who love awkwardness and angst to be sure~


-Lady finds a dragon egg and comes to the Ocular.

- Lady and Effie team up on some other Dawn business with Effie oblivious to Ladys connection to her brother

-Giving Cedric an ulcer as he keeps Lady safe/Effie from finding out the connection between them

-The awful fall out of if/when Effie ever DOES learn Lady played a role in Ward's death. there will be blood.
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