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Posted on: Dec 24 2017, 08:10 PM
Played by Set · 25 years · Drakonrhedi · Apprentice Warden
This Girl Is On Fire
Effie Gerard

Apprentice Warden
Face Claim:
Ashley Madekwe

Effie usually has a pretty smile in place, one that does not reach her eyes. Those eyes are dark brown, nearly black. She likes wearing her wavy dark brown hair around her face. Often her apperance is very calculated and she dresses and styles her hair in ways to appear pretty and feminine. Unless shit has seriously hit the fan Effie looks put together, she hates messy hair and clothing.

Ares is a lean beast, standing 3m he doesn't seem to have a spare bit of fat or muscle in his sleek gray body. This is a dragon of speed and agility over raw power. While Effie plays games and wears masks Ares is far more sincere in his general disinterest for people. Other dragons are slightly more interesting. Though little beyond food, fighting, and sunning seem to really excite this beast. He detests water. He can be fiercely protective of Effie when she gets worked up, usually deciding the best way to deal with whatever is upsetting her is to set it on fire. Or squish it. Otherwise, his aloof nature means he doesn't show much interest in....anything.

Two faced. Power hungry. Cutthroat. These are some of the...less kind words that have been used to describe Effie. There’s no denying she prefers to maintain a mask, her pretty ever-present smile never exactly reaching her eyes. She does her best to put up a good front, playing at being a softer sweeter more helpful woman than she really is. If it becomes advantageous to throw a former friend under the bus or let a bit of gossip slip? Well, they would have done the same to her given half a chance. In Effies experience, in her mind, the world falls into two camps. The sheep and the wolves. She’s vowed to never EVER be a sheep. She’ll do whatever she has to to keep herself safe.

The more generous soul, those few that have seen a glimpse into the young woman's broken soul might paint her as a survivor. A woman who has had everything stripped away and yet remains strong. For Effie her family was everything...and she lost them all. Is it any wonder then she doesn't let lovers grow too close? That she’s desperately fearful of real intimacy? Of being abandoned yet again. Growing up in the shadow of her father's ‘real’ family didn't help matters either. Her view of relationships is a bit warped, to say the least. It’s all a calculation of what you can get for what you have to give up.

Catch her off guard though? You might see Effies real smile, it's a lopsided grin. Watch the mask slip and you’ll find someone who is not soft and sweet but ambitious as hell. And when she laughs? Really laughs? She snorts. She’s hardworking. At times a bit short-sighted and even cruel in her calculations. Not an idealist at all. Her brothers were dreamers. Her brothers were trusting. It got them killed. Instead, Effie only trusts in herself, her dragon, and the simmering hate that has kept her going all these years...


Letty Gerard was the mistress of a wealthy French businessman. Naturally, when he packed his family up for the interstellar trip he brought his mistress, and her three children along. Effie was the middle child. Her brother Remus was from her mother's short-lived marriage while Effie and her twin Ward were from her mother's affair. They were bastards, but well cared for bastards. And if plenty of people looked down their noses on them the children were taught to lift their chins high and sneer right back. Though their father was rarely seen, a bit of a mythical figure, Letty did her best to give her children love. And more importantly, the strength and resolve to survive in an unforgiving world.

Her mother died in the initial crash. Remus was severely injured. Effie and Ward were scared shitless and scratched up but otherwise fine. Maybe he was too consumed with keeping his legitimate wife and child safe. Maybe he was too busy working to ensure his family's place. Maybe he simply was no longer interested in providing for these urchins now that their mother was gone. Whatever it was no support, no acknowledgment came from their sire.

It was a scary time for all people but those first years on Altayr ...they were hell for Effie. She did things she wasn't proud of to help keep her brothers safe and alive. They all made sacrifices. The greatest being when Remus sacrificed himself, serving as a distraction when a behemoth attacked. He bought the twins and the group foraging with them enough time to escape. The ungrateful didn't see any of THEM willing t do what her brother had done! Not that there was much to do beyond serve as bait. At least until the dragonriders appeared. Humans bonded to these strange creatures with powers that helped them fight against the behemoth. From the moment they first appeared in the sky Effie wanted to be like them. To be strong enough to stand up to the monsters instead of just run away.

Fate it seemed had heard her prayers. While scouring for food the twins eventually came across a pair of beautiful orbs… dragon eggs! The pain one had said anything about the pain. It was blinding awful agony. And yet when it was over...they were bonded to a pair of iron dragons. It was the first time since coming to Altayr that Effie let herself hope. She and Ward went to the Ocular. Finally at long last some stability. Though Effie still held a strong distrust for most people her brother seemed to come alive among his fellow dragon riders. Ward had always been the more trusting, the more genuine, and he seemed to be beloved by many of their fellow novices. Bit by bit even her walls were coming down...

And then it fellow apart. Ward had been seeing a Dawnguard woman for months. They were in their final months of training before graduating to a wing. He snuck off to see her one night and….never returned. They called it an accident. Those miserable fucking sheep in their pathetic shell of a ship. People said things like ‘an accident, a mistake, a lose’ but Effie knew. He’d been murdered! And every time she pressed for answers she got vague nothings like ‘we’re looking into it and it’s a delicate situation. Effie snapped. She raged. She screamed. Her beautiful kind and wonderful brave had been willing to protect THOSE PEOPLE! The same ones who sniffed and hemmed and LIED. Who protected his murderer. And she was supposed to...what exactly? Put her head on the chopping block for their worthless hides as well? Oh no.

Weeks became months. Effie was put into a Wing. She plastered that smile back on her face. She spoke kindly. She stopped demanding answers. All the while waiting for the moment she could make Dawn burn for what it had done...

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Posted on: Dec 24 2017, 08:57 PM
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[she/her] Look like th

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