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 Site Canons
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Posted on: May 23 2017, 07:49 PM
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site canon list

Following are the site's needed canons! Please come and take them! Be aware, however, that we are looking for people to play these characters well and over the long-term.

If you're interested in playing any of these characters, please talk to Opal! Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules surrounding the reservation of a canon character, which I've copy-pasted in the following paragraph for your ease.

When applying for a high position/canon character, you will have a one week to complete the application. During this time period, no one else can apply with for that position. If you do not complete your application within the one week period, your reservation will expire and other people will be free to apply for the position. This reservation period can be extended if you have personal reasons. In order to extend your reservation period, please inform staff how long you will be busy BEFORE the period of absence begins. If you complete your character before your reservation expires but you have not completed your claims for a different character (in accordance with rule XI), staff will not accept your character and your reserved position will be reopened.

Additionally, while there are no exact requirements, staff request that you be active if you want to play a leadership position. We understand that there are circumstances beyond your control, and if you communicate that to staff we will try to be understanding and happy to work with you.

Octavia Corrigan
The leader of Dawn, humanity's only city on Altayr, Octavia Corrigan has had to be tough to survive. She's managed not only to pull humanity out of the wreckage of the colony ships but also erect a city that provides shelter for thousands of people.

Besides that, she's pretty open. However, she does have one sister, @Alexei Corrigan, played by Opal.

The Leaders of the Drakonrhedi.
We need people to fill in the spots of Paragons and Centurions in the Drakonrhedi. For more info on which spots are taken, please see the character database.

The Sleeper Agents
This one's a big plot-relevant secret. Message Opal for more. ;)
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