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 Gone Phishing
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Posted on: Aug 25 2017, 09:53 PM
Played by Vex · ?? years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
Despite sitting on a pile of crates containing supplies for various classes currently not in session, Schwarz wasn’t particularly fond of the docks. Or Docks™. He was never quite sure of the capitalization of anything anymore. English was a terrible language, really. If everyone used German, he wouldn’t have to worry about stupid grammatical things like capitalization. It would be consistent. And consistency was nice, dammit.

So Schwarz muttered darkly about the linguistic downfalls of the English language as the high altitude wind ruffled through his hair, one hand occasionally reaching up to pat it back down again. Not that it mattered. The holopad in his other hand was what mattered. At one point a Vanguard of some pedigree had asked him what he was up to, perhaps being friendly, and he had given them a very dry, “I’m studying, you pathetic excuse for a proto-human.” The Vanguard took the hint and bailed ASAP.

In a way, he was. A personal kind of studying, the kind Schwarz liked to call ‘business’. The holopad once belonged to a corrupt medical doctor in the high class of Dawn, but had traded multiple sticky hands before coming into his possession. The business figures alone were heinous, but if the pictures in the man’s photo gallery were any indication, his fashion sense was the true crime.

Cautiously, Schwarz glanced up. On the complete other side of the docks was a class of some sort, and nearby was a group of Novices that he noted sparred frequently, joined by an Apprentice he only knew as ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, to the boy’s personal insistence, presumably because he was a Gold. Presumably. There were a few others milling about, but that was common, considering the place and the time of day.

After being assured that no one seemed to want to bother him, he turned his attention back to the holopad, scrolling through meticulously documented procedures. He could only assume they weren’t so well documented officially, since there were at least half a dozen unpermitted removals of presumably healthy kidneys alone. And he was only on the first page. Scroll? Page scroll.

He hummed a tuneless song. This was going to take a while.

He wasn’t even aware enough people had survived the crash to warrant so many procedures. Well, he supposed he knew, logically, but numbers were a statistic that rarely ever gave a true sense of scale without surrounding context.

Upon noticing the Novices had grown slightly closer to his perch, he turned enough to face them, and aggressively increased the volume of his humming. Much like the Vanguard from earlier, they took the hint and moved to a different open space. Which wasn’t difficult. The entire dock was an open space. Too open. Close to space. Comparatively, anyway.

Satisfied with that, he resumed staring at the holopad in palpable distaste, narrowing his eyes at the screen and starting to mutter incomprehensibly again.

@Lucian Atwood
Let me know if this is not Suspicious enough for you. I can can probably figure something more shady out if necessary.
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Posted on: Aug 25 2017, 10:10 PM
Played by Allice · Appears 30 years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
Lucian, when he had nothing else to do or had completed every command that he was given, typically patrolled around the the deck. Was it unnecessary? Probably. It was just something he used to do and it was comforting in that manner. He was walking at a steady pace, others easily getting out of his way. The android was used to being the tallest humanoid in any given vicinity. He was specifically built like that for a few reasons. For intimidation purposes, for being able to take more hits than typical, and to help with his observation. He didn’t need to look over someone’s shoulder. He just naturally could see what they were doing.

During his needless patrols, he would often think about the things he had lost in the crash. He lost his filter so he was far more blunt. He wasn’t certain that was a good thing yet. Luckily he was no Stalker and was a Warden instead. He was sure he wouldn’t do a good job at sneaking around and lying. His build ensured he wouldn’t be good at sneaking. He lost whatever humor he had before. He liked to imagine he had a great one. He had also lost a huge portion of his recorded memory, left with bits and pieces. What humans would classify under ‘feelings’ of knowing something. He sometimes felt lost because of that. Who really was he before? Someone who knew humor, at least. But the exacts of it were lost. If only he ran into someone who knew him before the crash. Then he could ask questions and maybe get answers.

He stopped in his tracks as his eyes locked onto a suspicious and weirdly familiar figure sitting atop some crates. He…knew this person? He wasn’t sure, as he was still quite a ways away from him yet. So, he remedied that by walking right up to him. “You. What are you doing?” He asked, staring straight at the male. Now that he got a good look at him, he did seem familiar. Lucian scanned his memory and data bases for any further knowledge but nothing was there. Great. The only thing he did know was that he really wanted to punch this man in the face. Strange. He was apart of the Drakonrhedi, just like Lucian. That meant he classified under ally. He didn’t understand this at all. “Do I know you?” He asked, tilting his head to the side, eyes confused.

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Posted on: Aug 31 2017, 03:37 PM
Played by Vex · ?? years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
There were only a few steps of heavy footfalls as a warning prelude to the rather sudden “You. What are you doing?” that he received from yet another individual apparently set on annoying him. Only the vocal wavelengths cross matched with something in his databanks that wanted to go straight into launching a subroutine somewhat sarcastically labelled ‘I AM NOTHING MORE BUT A HUMBLE DRAKONRHEDI’. He managed to hurriedly flag it as a false positive, something his infiltration scripts were decidedly not happy about, and gave the intruder a simmering, traditional Schwarz glare.

Only now his facial recognition was also giving him a positive. He didn’t have to go far into his memory to know why. A security unit, most notable for being a particular pain in his side. That was back on the Hayabusa Job. And the Rotenburg Connection. And a few other missions that had slightly more confusing names, like The Time that Ended in Microwaving a Plastic Bag Full of Slightly Less Plastic Toy Cars.

Ignoring his questionable ability in naming memory files, Schwarz let distaste scrunch up the skin around his eyes. He set the tablet to the side, to get it out of sight, and hopefully out of mind. He opened his mouth, getting out a “What do you wa—” at approximately the same time as the other android said, “Do I know you?”

Schwarz proceeded to leave his own demand unfinished, instead continuing to stare at the other man… android… individual with the same expression one would use when being shown a particularly fat cockroach. Had he been reformatted? That could prove interesting. Unfortunately, misleading a fellow robot in service of the Drakonrhedi would probably not be looked upon favourably if anyone found out about it.

Luckily for Schwarz (and unluckily for literally everyone else), no one had strict rules against being deceitful through omission. Well, maybe they did, but no one ever followed it.

Thinking about it, Schwarz wasn’t sure if he’d ever really talked to him before. Aside from simple infiltration stock phrases and throwing the occasional burst of multilingual profanity at him, of course. He struggled to remember if he’d ever actually heard this poor sod’s name before. It took him precious seconds to scan through memories, searching for visual and aural cues that might give anything away.

Unable to find the relevant data before the pause became unnatural, he forced a more neutral expression on his face and said, “We’ve met before. Back on Earth. Work-related.” He paused, mentally searching again. He needed information to proceed. “It’s been a while,” he added. “I’m not surprised you don’t remember me. Say, did they ever take the cost of those doors out of your paycheck? Those were expensive.

When all else failed, non-sequiturs always worked to alleviate tension and deflect from whatever issue was at hand. Usually. Sometimes. Rarely, actually. Schwarz was really bad at this. Just in case, he stayed on top of the crates, staring unblinkingly in anticipation at the other man.

@Lucian Atwood
Wardens · 11 Posts
Posted on: Aug 31 2017, 05:02 PM
Played by Allice · Appears 30 years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
Oh, Lucian had cut him off. He could easily fill in the question. What did he want? Well, to know what he was doing. Didn’t he state that earlier? Did the other man not hear him? Briefly though, he was distracted by how the other reacted to him. He appeared to express a similar sentiment that Lucian had felt. Interesting. That allowed him insight on two separate things. One, that they did know each other before, enough to elicit such a negative reaction from both parties. Two, their relationship from before hadn’t been the best experience. Treading lightly would be applicable here.

“Work-related…hm…” That could mean a few things. He doubted that he protected him. In the memory files that weren’t destroyed, there was a commonality to those he protected. None were other androids. That meant he was either a short-term partner or someone who classified as an enemy. Either could explain what that personal anger and annoyance he felt towards him. Hold, what was that about doors? “What doors? Explain.” He asked. Well, demanded really. He found a connection to his past and he wanted to know more. He didn’t want anyone trying to repair his memory. After all, who knows what sensitive information was stored in there?

“My apologies for not remembering you. Most of my memory was damaged in the crash along with a few other aspects. So, regardless of history, I’m probably to be different from what you remember.” He paused for a moment to allow that to process before speaking up again. “Thus, perhaps it’s best if we start on a clean slate. Considering I am one, technically. I’m Lucian, Warden Vanguard. You?” He asked, looking directly into Schwarz’s eyes and holding out his hand for him to shake. Lucian was curious to know whether he would accept the reintroduction.

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Posted on: Dec 11 2017, 08:51 AM
Played by Vex · ?? years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
“Work-related… hm...”

Schwarz raised an impassive brow as the other android seemed to process that. He remembered a far more formidable opponent than the strange creature in front of him now. Perhaps it was worse than reformatting. Was he damaged? He seemed stiff, rigid. Were his motor functions affected? Idly, Schwarz wondered how badly a race between them would go—and if he should get a head start now.

And then it was if someone lit a fire under the other android’s ass. “What doors? Explain.”

Gotcha. Whatever the issue, there were clear gaps in his memory. That could be used. Exploited. Manipulated.

But fucking around with him would be so much more fun.

Grinning, Schwarz leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and cupping his face with his hands. His eyes narrowed in what might have been a pleasant way, not only if he hadn’t already established himself as a questionable individual, but then followed that demeanor up with the words, “Oh, you know, the doors! The stained Tiffany glass doors. They were very lovely, right up until you threw me through them.” He let the grin fade slightly and his eyes fall lax into a half-lidded state. “Wasn’t so lovely when I was pulling glass out of my skin for a month.

It didn’t take long, for some reason, for the android to confirm what Schwarz had since guessed. “My apologies for not remembering you. Most of my memory was damaged in the crash along with a few other aspects. So, regardless of history, I’m probably to be different from what you remember.”

There, he paused, as if for effect. Really, Schwarz found himself wondering why he would so readily admit such a clear disadvantage. Weaknesses needed to be hidden, carefully bandaged like fresh wounds, not laid bare for any- and everyone to see. Because, in Schwarz’s experience, people who saw were always people who would prod.

And then the android started talking again. “Thus, perhaps it’s best if we start on a clean slate. Considering I am one, technically. I’m Lucian, Warden Vanguard. You?”

Schwarz couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes, noting when he looked back to the android designated Lucian, he was attempting to hold eye contact. Oh, and his hand was out, too. How quaint.

Picking up his ill-gotten holopad and shoving it in an inside coat pocket, he pushed himself off the crates, landing with an all too-solid thud next to Lucian. Straightening himself up, Schwarz pushed air through his nose in what might have been amusement. With almost a foot of difference in their height, it didn’t do him much good, and he knew it. Too late to crawl back on the crates now. Better to just accept his fate.

His eyes drifted dismissively over Lucian’s offered hand, before going back to returning the eye contact. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his jacket. No handshake for you. “Lucian... Atwood, nicht wahr?” Without waiting for confirmation, he said, flatly, “Schwarz.” He let that sit for a moment before adding, “Vanguard. Stalkers.

Schwarz narrowed his eyes at Lucian. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Of all the individuals he expected to meet aboard the Ocular, this was not one of them, and he certainly didn’t expect technological retrograde amnesia to come with it. Was he… was he expected to help him?

This was not his job. This was the opposite of his job. Dammit.

@Lucian Atwood
*"Nicht wahr?" is a German colloquialism for confirmation that functions exactly like saying, "Right?" Literally translated, it means, "Not true?"
also man this isn't late what are you talking about??
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Posted on: Dec 12 2017, 11:56 AM
Played by Allice · Appears 30 years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
“Oh.” So they were enemies then. That was the only explanation that he would harm someone. Certainly his past self couldn’t have been hot headed right? He wasn’t sure. Regardless, if they were enemies in the past, he would need to take his words with a grain of salt. “Well I’m sure I had a reason. You shouldn’t have been doing whatever it was you were doing. …what were you doing?” He was curious, thus he asked. Even though it was probably false information, it would give insight to this familiar stranger’s nature. Already he was questionable and now he had given some clue as to their past relationship with how he reacted when he saw him and the words he had given.

Rude, questionable behavior, former enemy. The notes popped up in his system as he noticed the ignored handshake. He placed his hand back by his side, unbothered by the rejection. The rolling of the eyes was also telling, like the other couldn’t believe the situation. He didn’t know his skill level so he couldn’t know how reliable he was in battle or otherwise. However, he was getting insight into how the other android was unreliable in terms of information of his past and personality. Lucian couldn’t expect him to set aside their past then. Disappointing but half expected. Lucian has no choice but to put aside their past, as he couldn’t remember it.

“Yes, that’s right.” He responded simply. Thankfully his lexicon area wasn’t damaged in the crash. He knew a few languages and it would be good to not let information pass by him simply because of a language barrier. “Schwarz. It’s interesting to meet you.” He replied with a small, emotionless smile. He couldn’t say it was good meeting him since it wasn’t, not really. Oh, so he was part of the Stalkers. Another reason why not to trust his word. They may be allies now but Schwarz seemed to not care about that. He hoped that would change. If Schwarz proved to not be able to do so and become detrimental to his job within the Drakonrhedi…he would need to take action.

After a beat of silence, Lucian decided to speak up again. “Since you knew me, will you tell me what I was like before?” He asked curiously. He didn’t expect the reply to be any honest but he wanted some sort of insight. He figured he used to have a sense of humor, considering that was also damaged in the crash.

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Posted on: Dec 19 2017, 03:00 PM
Played by Vex · ?? years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
“Well I’m sure I had a reason. You shouldn’t have been doing whatever it was you were doing. …what were you doing?”

There were so many things he could say to that, and poor Lucian wouldn’t have been able to prove or disprove any of them. Of course, now the android wouldn’t trust him at all, but that was a small matter. He was just a Vanguard. How much trouble could he be?

Schwarz considered all of that, and he put a small frown on his face. Fucking with him it was. Lowering his voice and adding an undercurrent of almost reverent gruffness, he said, “I asked you out to dinner. Is that a crime now, Warden?

Luckily, he managed to keep a straight face, doing his best to add angered sorrow to the tilt of his eyes, narrowing them along just the right spots along the bottom lids. The eyes were always the hardest for him. He could smile and frown, laugh and cry, all on demand, but the exact way humans managed to express themselves with just their brows and eyelids was almost as arcane to him as the magic of the dragons and their riders.

“Yes, that’s right.” An acknowledgement of the name. He didn’t need one, not really. Asking for confirmation was politeness, a nicety. “Schwarz. It’s interesting to meet you.”

At that, he let a grin crack his face. One of his eyes had begun to water from his previous expression, and he could feel some of it slide down his cheek. Great. That worked out surprisingly well. “As interesting as the Hindenburg burning, I’m sure.” Morbid normally, doubly so considering their situation. Damn, he was good.

Androids let a veneer of humanity sit on their rigs, but the longer they went, the more damaged they became, and the more that veneer flaked off. Schwarz liked to think his was glued on better than most, but he was a terrible judge of such things. He knew this, because he couldn’t tell how well Lucian’s veneer was sitting on his pretty face. It was a rough guess, but any conclusion he came to could have just as well been the amnesia thing. That was pretty weird, all things considered.

“Since you knew me, will you tell me what I was like before?”

Schwarz tilted his head. How honest to be? If he wanted Lucian around his fingers, he needed to give something that checked out. “Smart,” he said, after a moment. “You knew you could never outpace me, so you tried to be five steps ahead so you didn’t have to.” A smirk, cold and malicious, yet somehow nostalgic, twitched at his lips. It was a brief moment, and then it was gone. “It was like high speed chess. One of us would edge out, my speed and cunning, or your steadfastness and determination, but there was no clear winner.” At that, he let his eyes drift over Lucian again, as if in consideration.

The crash had taken so much. Not just from humanity, not that Schwarz cared much for them to begin with. But both of them had both lost what made them whole. At least, in some regard, Lucian might have finally won. Despite not knowing the details, he had a chance to move on from the past, to forge a new path from the wreckage of the old.

Schwarz knew, despite how many junkers he might kill, no matter how many enemies of the Drakonrhedi he slaughtered, there was no getting back what the crash took from him. Closure was a fantasy he dimly wished he could dream of.

Seems we’ve finally hit Check,” Schwarz said, softly.

@Lucian Atwood
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Posted on: Dec 20 2017, 07:57 PM
Played by Allice · Appears 30 years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
That doesn’t make sense. Lucian thought immediately. However, the expression Schwarz gave along with the illogical words gave him pause. That…that couldn’t be true. …could it? No, it was definitely false. Why would he be so emotional as to toss someone through glass doors just for asking him out to dinner? He wasn’t like that, was he? He couldn’t have a clear answer as he had no record of what he was like. Maybe he really was so volatile. He couldn’t prove the words right or wrong. However, he needed to think positively about himself. Not just that. He didn’t have any need to treat Schwarz’s word as the complete truth. “No, it’s not a crime. It just sounds like you’re lying.” He responded after his moment of confused silence.

Once more he was taken aback by this stranger from the past. He was…crying? Lucian was baffled by this man. He wasn’t prepared to take something like this on today. He wasn’t sure how to respond to that. How could he respond? He was very quiet as he tried to think up some sort of response. While he was certainly confused, that wasn’t shown on his face. It stayed steady while his mind whirled in confusion. He finally decided to speak up. “Why compare it to something like that?” He asked with a slight tilt of his head. If he didn’t know, obviously he should ask. However, what sort of answer he would get was undetermined. This Schwarz character was so confusing Lucian couldn’t quite pin him down. It was sort of frustrating. Oddly, that didn’t seem like a surprising reaction towards the other android.

He waited patiently for any explanation Schwarz would give. He was so curious about his past self. He wanted to get a glimpse of how different he was now. Lucian watched the other carefully, observing the nostalgic-esc look on his face that disappeared as quickly as it came. This time the words sounded like the truth. Or at least something close to the truth. It was almost…nice to hear such a thing. He could at least take some pride in his abilities of the past. Not just that, but he could appreciate that Schwarz was now more or less on his side this time around. If they truly did come to standstills so often in the past, that spoke of Schwarz’s abilities.

“I see.” He gave a bit of a pause, thinking on his words before speaking once more. “Regardless of our past, I hope you know that I’m not your enemy this time. It would be silly to act on a past that I can’t remember. Should you require any help at any time, feel free to ask for me.” He wanted it to be clear that even if Schwarz felt he was still an enemy, he didn’t feel the same. He was more than willing to help him if he needed it. After all, they were both apart of the same organization now, presumably working towards the same goal. Fighting with Schwarz would just be detrimental to not just his job and programming, but also the organization and the people he now must protect.

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Posted on: Jan 6 2018, 08:36 PM
Played by Vex · ?? years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
Lucian was very quiet at the dinner statement. “No, it’s not a crime,” he finally said. “It just sounds like you’re lying.”

Wiping at the corner of his watering eye, Schwarz gave Lucian a dismissive go over. “It must not have sounded too much like a lie. You had to really think about it.” Which of that statement had unsettled him? Was it the lack of ability to cross-reference it? Was it the idea that he could have, potentially, been a needlessly violent creature? He seemed the sort to value order, and given his function, both prior and current, that made sense.

Well, sucked to be him, he supposed. Schwarz wasn’t going to let Lucian have his new life without a few bumps. Not if he could help it, anyway. “Or maybe the idea that I asked you out to dinner still offends you terribly. You tried to kill me. You’re a killer. Did you know that? Does it bother you?

He could see it, through the impassive façade. Lucian might or might not believe any of it, which was just as well, but the doubt remained regardless of distrust. He was wearing at the android, making him question the known and unknown. Good. There was no point to this if he didn’t disrupt some kind of status quo. There was no point in being passive, content with one’s station, and despite his general curiosity, Lucian seemed to have forgotten that alongside everything else.

Schwarz considered himself a good reminder of how dangerous being content could be.

“Why compare it to something like that?”

The information came quickly, memorized and repeated with efficient pronunciation. “The Hindenburg disaster brought an abrupt end to the original era of airships, instilling a deep distrust of not only rigid airships, or dirigibles, but flight in general. With only two-thirds of its charge able to escape, and even a single casualty on the ground, it was a tragedy that burned long after the fires faded, helped by the infamous newsreel footage.” Schwarz paused, as if for effect. With his next words, he kept his face as neutral and serious as possible. “As a fellow German, I sympathize greatly with the Hindenburg.

If Lucian didn’t get that, well, Schwarz wasn’t sure what to do except gently guide him to the edge of the docks, point down to the ground way-too-many-kilometers below, and then push him off.

“I see,” Lucian said, before he paused. Schwarz raised a brow. He wasn’t entirely sure either of them were really seeing beyond a literal sense, but if Lucian wanted to be delusional, well, he supposed the man had the right to something if not his memory. “Regardless of our past, I hope you know that I’m not your enemy this time. It would be silly to act on a past that I can’t remember. Should you require any help at any time, feel free to ask for me.”

Well,” Schwarz said, keeping his tone light and cheerful. “I do have this stick in my ass that I just can’t quite seem to dislodge. Maybe you could help a guy out, huh?” He added a wink, just to muddy the waters of intention there even more.

@Lucian Atwood
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Posted on: Jan 10 2018, 11:01 AM
Played by Allice · Appears 30 years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
“Well I suppose that’s what happens when one doesn’t remember their own history.” Lucian responded calmly. He didn’t have his records to respond quickly. Unlike people who usually had to take a while to remember a past event, he had- well used to have- logs that he could pull up quickly. Now he had a link to the past, one that didn’t exactly seem honest, and that told him that he had think about the words Schwarz spoke. He didn’t want to be played, even if that isn’t Schwarz’s intention. He wasn’t entirely sure what his intention was.

Lucian thought for a moment about that whole killer statement before speaking again. “Tried to kill isn’t the same as killing so I suppose even if that was true, technically I wouldn’t be a killer. Either way, I’m unbothered. I don’t kill without reason.” So I must have had a reason for trying to destroy you, if I indeed tried to. He was sure of that. It was in his programming to protect, not be a killer. That, he knew, hadn’t changed from the crash. It was his core, to protect. Honestly if this was true, it just gave him ammo to distrust Schwarz more than he already did. He would need to keep an eye on him for his own peace of mind.

“I suppose I can understand that.” He spoke after the explanation. It was quite the dark descriptor but it was interesting. He really wondered what sort of conversations they had in the past, if they had any at all. Were they this strange or as oddly interesting? He supposed not since they would have been on more even grounding in the past. In the present, Lucian had no memory to go off of. Before he didn’t really have any care to get his memory recovered in any capacity. However, now he had an uncertain link to his past and well…perhaps he should find a way to get some of it back. That would help him understand how to process this character of Schwarz’s.

“What? You seem awfully cheerful for someone with a stick up their ass.” Was that a joke? He couldn’t tell. That was another side effect of being damaged in the crash. Humor was a foreign object for him. He didn’t know how past him would have responded. Possibly snarky or sarcastic? He couldn’t know at this point. He didn’t know why Schwarz seemed so…so…he couldn’t find the word for it. So he supposed for now Schwarz was more or less undefined? Either which way, he placed a pause on a question that he hadn’t gotten an answer to.

“What were you doing with the holotab before this conversation started and I interrupted you?” He asked, spinning the conversation back to his original question at the start. He needed to know Schwarz wasn’t up to no good now that he determined that he wasn’t exactly the most honest individual. That and he needed some reign on the conversation. He didn’t like this feeling of uncertainty and lost that he was trying to suppress but didn’t show.

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Posted on: Jan 10 2018, 07:26 PM
Played by Vex · ?? years · Drakonrhedi · Honorary Vanguard
“Well I suppose that’s what happens when one doesn’t remember their own history.” That calm façade he’d worked so hard to tear down was coming back up. Schwarz let his eyes fall lax slightly, though his mouth stayed in a slight frown. Interesting. It seemed even as an amnesiac, Lucian still had some mental fortitude.

Good. That would make breaking him more fun.

Immediately, Schwarz ended that process. This was fun, certainly, but he couldn’t risk sending another android into cascade failure and have it traced back to him. There was nothing against agitating and confusing him, but cascading was serious business; it either ended in a simple blue screen—red ring—whichever end term one preferred, or it sent the android in question into a complete mental breakdown. It was a rare enough thing, and unexpected on almost every occasion.

Lucian was probably only a fair enough step away, considering how… stiff he was. The last thing the Drakonrhedi needed was for the strangely calm machine to go over the edge. Mostly because Schwarz wasn’t sure how far Lucian could go before someone could put him out of his misery. Probably best to be conspicuously absent on that day.

I suppose so,” Schwarz said, using his best Casual Voice. “Or your RAM’s going out. Whichever.” He shrugged, pulling a smile on his face. It didn’t sit quite right, but it was still leagues friendlier than the prior expressions he’d been giving Lucian.

Once more, Lucian took a moment to process Schwarz’s insanity. That was fine, really. It took Schwarz some time to deal with himself too. “Tried to kill isn’t the same as killing so I suppose even if that was true, technically I wouldn’t be a killer. Either way, I’m unbothered. I don’t kill without reason.”

Schwarz lifted a finger, wagging it in Lucian’s direction. His smile morphed back into a vicious grin. Two could play at semantics, and Schwarz considered himself an expert in the fields of loophole abuse and bullshitting; both were close enough, really. “Ah-ah-ah! You just said you don’t kill without reason, implying you do kill in general, with proper motive. Which technically would still make you a killer. Murder’s murder. Try again, Atwood.

Lucian’s only remark to his mini-essay on the Hindenburg was simply, “I suppose I can understand that.”

Schwarz very nearly mentioned that he certainly hoped so, because he said it in English and everything. Thankfully, he bit his tongue. He was probably coming to the end of Lucian’s rope, and he didn’t want to test the other android’s throwing arm again quite yet. It was a long way down from the docks, and he didn’t exactly want or need to test how gravity felt about him since the crash.

And then Lucian had to go and say, “What? You seem awfully cheerful for someone with a stick up their ass.”

Schwarz let his face fall completely flat and said, in a complete deadpan, “Sodomy’s a helluva thing, my friend.” It was very good, he decided, that he was a machine and had complete control over (most of) his expressions and actions. Otherwise he was probably going to corpse and lose any semblance of the strangely insane, and yet completely in control character he’d been building up. “You should try it sometime.

Idly, Schwarz’s eyes wandered down, as if for emphasis, though he found himself wondering how… functional Lucian was. Infiltration units were alarmingly complete, for the sake of all possible scenarios, but for a security unit, that might have been too much money for the hardware. Or it could have been an optional feature. Maybe. Schwarz wasn’t exactly someone who had ever been on the consumer end of that market.

Turning his head away, he lifted up an arm and coughed into his elbow. It was taking him all that he had to force his embarrassment protocols to chill out. Turning beet-red at his own act would not exactly help. And it certainly wouldn’t help if Lucian still didn’t get it.

“What were you doing with the holotab before this conversation started and I interrupted you?”

Schwarz turned his eyes to Lucian in a dark glare, lowering his arm and turning his head back to properly face him. His fingers lazily traced the outline of the holotab in question resting on the inside of his jacket. It wasn’t strictly visible until he touched it, and when his hand retreated back to his side, it was again difficult to locate just by sight. “Back to business, huh?” Schwarz fell into a relaxed stance, his hands going into the pockets of his pants. His face fell neutral, almost guarded as his eyes sized Lucian back up, as if the previous conversation never happened. He nodded. “That is to say, it’s none of your business, Warden.

And then the grin came back. “What are you going to do about it?

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“It’s not.” Lucian was quick to dismiss that. He made certain that he got regular checkups. He didn’t want to become a detriment to the drakonrhedi. With how he was built, who knew how much damage he could deal if he did go out of control? That just wouldn’t do.

Lucian gave a shrug at the comment. “You got me there. So, are you going to turn me in? Since you’re record is obviously spotless then you should.” There was, perhaps, a drop of sarcasm in his words. Sarcasm was a strange little thing. It was somewhere within wit and intelligence and to some extent it was damaged. However, he had enough to retort when he wanted to. He hadn’t tapped into this side of him before. Then again, he also never had a conversation with someone like Schwarz. He had a way of just…pressing certain buttons that Lucian didn’t even know he had. It was a little annoying but at the same time it was something else. He wasn’t entirely sure how to put it but it was somewhat comforting in a strange way.

Sodomy..? Oh. It clicked in Lucian’s head all of a sudden. How could he even respond to that? Just no thanks or what? Was he actually flirting with him or just fucking with him? Lucian felt it was most definitely the latter rather than the former. Then he noticed Schwarz’s eyes eyeing him over as though he was assessing him. Strangely enough, he didn’t feel uncomfortable or needing to shy away from the gaze. Instead he simply watched Schwarz’s facial expressions. For a moment, he felt like messing with him back. To get him back for confusing him for basically this entire talk. It took only just a moment for him to agree to do that.

“Sodomy…? What does that have to do with anything?” He forced his tone and expression to seem confused, as if he was asking for an explanation. Of course he knew what he was talking about and even was strangely fine with that. He wasn’t sure why that was. He didn’t do anything of the sort on this planet. Why would he? There’s no need nor time for it. However, once more the fact of his unexplained past came up. He didn’t know if he did that kind of thing before. It didn’t make sense that he would. Sex was something, while not detrimental, didn’t exactly help him keep people safe. So why would he ever? Regardless, he wanted to see if he could push Schwarz a bit.

“Well I’ll just ask you this and depending on your response, we’ll see what I do.” Lucian responded. That grin felt familiar and slightly annoying as the conversation wore on. All of this felt so distantly familiar in a way he just didn’t understand. “Is what you’re doing detrimental to the drakonrhedi?” He eyed him, searching passively to find the truth in Schwarz’s words. Depending on the answer, he might just need to apprehend him.

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