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 Class List, drakonrhedi novices, vanguards +
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Posted on: May 27 2017, 03:27 PM
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Drakonrhedi Classes

If your Drakonrhedi is a Vanguard or higher and wants to teach classes, sign up here. Mostly, Vanguards teach the beginner courses and the Wing Captains, Centurions, and Paragons handle mentoring the flights, but there are exceptions to this rule. To sign up to be a mentor or to sign your apprentice up for a flight, please look at the Flight Assignments.

Novices do not need to reply, but this thread is important so that you know what classes your Novice would be in.

TEACHERS (Vanguards, Wing Captains, Centurions, Paragons) please reply with:
<a href="BIO LINK HERE">Character Name</a> Rank Wing Classes Desired: Any specialization in those classes? (E.G. firearms for weapons training, or their type of magic for magic classes)
Class List

Year One
Magic 101 - General Magics REQUIRED
A general introduction to theory of magic, as well as what the different types of dragons can do. Required.

Weaponry and Fighting 101 - Introduction to All Styles of Fighting REQUIRED
A general introduction to many different styles of fighting, to allow students to figure out what sort fits their body best. Required.

Weaponry and Fighting 102 - Ship Piloting
Piloting ships and using them in fights. Considered not that useful, because dragons. Optional.

Year Two
This is the first class Novices will get that focuses purely on what their type of magic can do. Students take the class corresponding with their type of magic. Required.
Magic 201 - Iron
Magic 202 - Copper
Magic 203 - Silver:
Magic 204 - Gold
Magic 205 - Bismuth: Cedric Ruishi

Weaponry and Fighting 201 - Advanced General Combat REQUIRED
Another year of training on more advanced combat techniques, fighting skills, and weaponry. Required.
Instructor: Teagan Cassidy

Weaponry and Fighting 202 - Behemoth Specialization
A course on specific ways to take down behemoths. Not officially required, but considered pretty much mandatory by most instructors. Optional.
Instructor: Alexei Corrigan

Weaponry and Fighting 203 - Human Specialization
For those cases when the Drakonrhedi need to subdue people. Optional.
Instructors: Sarah Drake

Year Three
Similar to Magic 20X, but more advanced. Required.
Magic 301 - Iron
Magic 302 - Copper
Magic 303 - Silver
Magic 304 - Gold: Teagan Cassidy
Magic 305 - Bismuth: Cedric Ruishi

Weaponry and Fighting 301 - Tactical Combat REQUIRED
A class all about tactics the Drakonrhedi employ frequently and need their riders to know. Very important, because it determines how effective a student will be in the field. Required.
Instructor: Daemey Zelealem

Weaponry and Fighting 302 - Weapon Specialization
Training in specifically one weapon. When signing up to teach or join this class, please mention what weapon specifically you will be using. Not required, but highly recommended.
Explosive Devices & Firearms: Alexei Corrigan

Wilderness Survival
How to survive in the different biomes of Altayr, and what sort of clues to look for that show behemoth habitation. Optional.

Patrol Training
A class with even more emphasis on the tactics employed by the Drakonrhedi to track and destroy targets. Also familiarizes students with some of the most common patrol routes. Optional.

Field Medicine
How to patch up your buddies when a behemoth chomps their legs off. Optional.

Diplomatic Negotiations
How To Talk To People 101. Also covers how to find diplomatic solutions and when to resort to aggressive negotiations. Optional.

Special Needs
Some instructors are kept around specifically for students who might have handicaps that need special assistance.
Physical Handicaps: Kaelan Naish
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